Fat People Are Not Expendable

It bothers me that the news media constantly posts stories about people who died young of Covid-19 in order to scare people into behaving.

However, it also bothers me that almost all of these stories include social media comments to the effect of, “Well, OF COURSE s/he died! S/he was fat!”

I’m touchy about my weight, and I’ve been fat shamed ever since I developed breasts when I was twelve years old. I know that I need to exercise more and drink less alcohol and eat less sugar. I am working on this.

I’ve understood since March that if I die of Covid-19 and my photo gets published in the paper, at least one person will say or think, “Well, of course she died! She was fat.”

Let’s look beyond the fact that I fail morally, and that I “deserve” to be unhealthy. Let’s look beyond the fact that my mom died less than two years ago, so I like to flatter myself that my skinny siblings will be sad if I die as well.

The thing is, I have been at my employer for a while now. I know how to do things at work that other people on my team don’t know how to do. Or, the people who also know how to do these things just don’t have the time to do them. So, if I died, we are going to have a lot of frustrated customers who don’t understand why it takes longer for them to receive replies on things (if they receive the replies at all).

I bet that a lot of companies depend on the skills and institutional knowledge of people like me. I bet that a lot of you out there depend – for your comfort and your standard of living – on “fat” people who step up and provide services for you.

If you take every single person for which it could be said, “Of COURSE s/he died! S/he had (insert) condition!” and then you give them all Covid-19 and then they all die, our society is going to be screwed. We “unhealthy” people are not expendable if you want the American economy to continue to function the way that it does.

You don’t even have to like us as people.

I’m probably going to delete this post in a few hours, so enjoy it now!

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