Quick Update

My father, Robert Gaffron, passed away shortly after we put most of the Christmas cards into the mail.

I have reason to believe that my father returned from shopping at the Barnes and Noble in Greensburg, laid down in his own bed in his house where he lived with my mother from 1985 until her passing, went to sleep and just never woke up.

My sister requested a welfare check on Dad after she was unable to reach him. The police officer who located Dad and reached out to my sister with the news was very kind to her.

I am comforted that Dad very likely visited a bookstore as one of his last acts on this mortal coil, even if it was a corporately owned bookstore. He was a retired teacher. He made me recopy my homework when he deemed my handwriting too sloppy for my own teachers to read.

When my mom, Shirley, was ill, Dad promised her that he would ensure that their Daughter #5 graduated from college. (They were four down with one more to go on the college education thing when my mom passed away.) He kept this promise.

Here is a link to his obituary.

I’ll return to this blog later.

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